Teaching Methodology

      Teacher Centered Approach

    • Direct Instruction
    • Format Authority
    • Expert
    • Personal Model

      Inquiry Based Learning

    • Facilitator
    • Personal Model
    • Deligator

      Co-operative Learning

    • Facilitator
    • Delegate
    • Deligator

    General Teaching methods

    Learner – centered classrooms

    Learner – centered classrooms focus primarily on individual student's learning. The teacher's role is to facilitate growth by utilizing the interest and unique needs of students.

    Curriculum – centered classroom

    Curriculum – centered classroom focus essentially on teaching the classroom. The teacher determines what ought to be taught, when how and in what time frame.

    • Standards for Good Teaching
    • You are a person
    • Classroom management
    • Student orientation
    • Lifelong learning
    • Task orientation

    Standards for Good Teaching

    Good teachers are effective because they assume five interrelated roles.

    You are a person

    Who you are as a person and how you would like to share personality with students are significant factors in why you choose to be a teacher.

    Joy to the world

    Good classrooms teachers are joyful. They relish in the thrill of discovery and the natural curiosity of students.

    I wonder why

    Effective teachers are inquisitive. They continuously ask questions, looking for new explanations and myriad new answers. They serve as a positive role models for students, helping them ask their our questions for exploration.


    If you are willing to compromise, bend and adjust you will give yourself an incredible opportunity to succeed.