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1. When and where can I find the application form?
The application form can be downloaded from our website (or) else available in our school office.

2. When does the academic year begin?
The academic year begins in the second week of April.

3. When do you conduct the entrance test?
The first entrance test for all classes will be conducted in the first week of April

4. What do you test for?
The entrance test is primarily designed for classes I - X to test their skills in Maths, science & English.
PreKG – We have direct admission
LKG & UKG will be tested with Colouring skill, Puzzling Test, Identification of Letters.

5. How can help my child at home?
To help your child at home you should read with them on a regular basis. During reading time try to ask some questions about the book to make sure they have understood what they have read. Also encourage your child when they are doing homework.

6. How will the school involve me in supporting my child's learning?
Parents will be invited to attend meetings to discuss their son/daughter progress. These meetings will give you the chance to contribute about the current provision in place to make sure that is still appropriate.

7. How do I contact staff to discuss about my child?
There are number of ways to contact staff.

  • Attend parents meeting to discuss your child's progress
  • Make an appointment to see the class teacher

8. Where can I buy school uniform?
School uniform can be purchased only in our school.